Please avoid using disposable plastic


I would greatly appreciate if you bring spare footwear that you will use only on the boat.

Please wear sturdy closed toed shoes. Getting your toes caught on the ropes and fittings is quite painful and dangerous. Make sure the sole of the shoe is soft for better traction on wet surfaces as water can splash onto the deck. Please find non marking shoes with a white or tan sole material. Avoid shoes with black rubber soles.


Please wear well fitting clothes that will allow you to be cool but protected from the sun. Long sleeve cotton or linen shirts work well. Sleeveless tops are discouraged due to the possibility of scratches while working with the ropes and the likelihood of serious sunburn on sunny days.


It is very advisable to purchase a pair of boating gloves. Soreness and blisters from working with the ropes and in some cases rope burn can occur.
For “Introduction to Sailing” you do not need gloves.

Life jacket

If you have your own life jacket you are encouraged to bring it. If you don’t, the school will provide a life jacket.


Please bring a wide brimmed hat. Even in overcast conditions sunburn can occur.
Because of the windy nature of sailing hats with clothing attachments are best, otherwise it may be easily lost at sea.


It is very important to have sunglasses on the water. They should protect from every angle since sunlight will also be reflected from the water and the sails. The glasses should fit snugly on the face and, as with the hat, a clothing attachment or a loop around the neck is advised.


Sunscreen is very important because we will be out on the water for an extended period of time. It should be no less than spf 30.


Please bring some drinking water in a few smaller bottles for the entire day, that means up to 2 litres on a hot day.


If you have longer session please bring a packed lunch. It is a far better use of our time to have lunch prepared rather than spend an hour to drive to the nearest take-out place or restaurant.