Skill building:
anchoring, docking and other skills training

Please note:
Lessons will not be available from August 6 to August 18.

On your boat – $75/hour per person, minimal session is 3 hours, a travel fee may be applicable.
Lessons possible only if the boat fully fitted out with safety equipment

On the school boat – $85/hour per person, minimal session is 3 hours.

Water Safety Training

You want to be safe by knowing your safety equipment. We offer hands-on practical safety training for Basic Cruising Standard students for additional charges:

    • Inflatable Personal Flotation Device – inflating after falling in the water – $55 each
    • Emergency Flares type B – launch with flare gun – $30, type C – handheld flare – $50 each
    • Outboard Motor on a Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat – $50/hour.

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