• Alexei is great Instructor. he will install sence of security and importance of good seamanship while making it really fun and informative. Many thanks.

    Milan Andri Avatar Milan Andri
    November 27, 2021

    positive review  Alexei is a great and experienced instructor! We are mid way our course and enjoying the good teaching in his sailboat.

    Natasha Tolub Avatar Natasha Tolub
    June 30, 2019

    positive review  Fantastic sailing school! Alexei was kind enough to put his boat in the water early for a birthday surprise! He was accommodating, always quick to reply and gave great instructions. I did a two hour lesson. On the day, he was a great teacher. You really felt involved and not just in a tour. We learned how to unfurl the sails, how to catch the wind and how to steer. This was a really cool adventure! Perfect for couple or small group. Toronto is so beautiful from the water, and Alexei knows where to go for great pics. I learned a lot about sailing and would definitely go again on a longer trip!!! Thanks so much !!!!

    Nicole Smashnuk Avatar Nicole Smashnuk
    May 5, 2019
  • positive review  Solid, Flexible and moderately priced ROC-M course

    Alastair MacIntyre Avatar Alastair MacIntyre
    April 15, 2019

    positive review  Awesome time on the water with Alexei! Thanks for a great day and all the great learnings.

    Julie Perry Avatar Julie Perry
    August 26, 2018

    positive review  We really enjoyed the Introduction Sailing class we took from Alexei! Looking forward to taking more in the future.

    Anna Dreyzin Avatar Anna Dreyzin
    August 8, 2018
  • Introduction Sailing class was great, very informative! Alexei is really professional, organized, excellent instructor. During two hours he can give all details and a lot of important information about sailing. I would highly recommended to take the course in Great Lakes Sailing School! Thank you Alexei for the great teaching!

    Elina Van Avatar Elina Van
    October 3, 2017

    First time sailing. We (four of us) took an "Introduction to sailing" class with Alexei & we had a blast. Everything was very well organized including booking, transportation & Alexei taught a class in a very easy & understandable manner. Very patient instructor. We almost asked him more then 50 questions and he answered all our questions when we were sailing. Now we know what is the different between 100% and 150% Head Sail. Great times with a cool and relaxed teacher. Very interesting, informative (before sailing, Alexei thought us how safe to get in and off the sail, how to control ourselves when standing on the deck. Before we start sailing he went through the check list with us for safety, equipment and emergencies, Radio, ridged knife, hand pump and many more other things. I wish I could take a picture of the check list (left my phone in the car). Very impressed with this sailing school. Will be signing up for more programs in the near future and definitely recommend to everyone. Thank you Alexei for great memories!

    Hadi Vaez Avatar Hadi Vaez
    September 25, 2017

    Great times with a cool and relaxed teacher. I would recommend it to any and everyone!

    Tyronn Rahda Monroe Avatar Tyronn Rahda Monroe
    September 12, 2017
  • I took the "Introduction to sailing" class for my wife and myself using the great promotion rate the school was offering. My wife was scared to step on any kind of boats since her childhood time due to an accident she had. Looks like her fears almost vanished. Thanks to Alexei’s kind and delicate manners and hospitality combined with solid confidence and knowledge of the subject. It was interesting experience, new knowledge and fun for all of us. Many thanks Alexei!

    Andrei Beznogov Avatar Andrei Beznogov
    August 18, 2017

    We took an introduction to sailing class with Alexei. It was incredible! Alexei is great instructor, very patient and his instructions are clear. Will be signing up for more programs in the near future Definitely recomended

    Nadia Beliakov Avatar Nadia Beliakov
    August 17, 2017

    My boyfriend & I took an "Introduction to sailing" class with Alexei & we had a blast. Everything was very well organized & Alexei taught a class in a very easy & understandable manner. Thank you for great memories!

    Olga Khilukova Avatar Olga Khilukova
    July 24, 2017