Alexei Pachkevitch is by education and experience an aquatic ecologist. In recent years, Alexei and his wife Elena have completed numerous sailing trips to the 1000 Islands Park and many ports on Lake Ontario. They sailed from Toronto to Quebec City and back. They also cruised from Toronto to Thunder Bay and returned through the North Channel and the Trent-Severn Waterway. The latest cruis was made in 2021 from Toronto to Chicoutimi on Saguenay River in Quebec. He works as a Sailing Instructor and has registered his Sailing School: He has used his photography to capture special moments during his travels, the beauty of the Canadian wilderness, and the free spirit of sailing. Examples of his photographs are available at




Alexei is a Sail Canada certified instructor. Alexei has extensive experience in sail boat cruising.
He has worked as an instructor
in Toronto before starting Great Lakes Sailing School. Alexei is dedicated to conveying to his students the best practices in safety, boat handling, and boat maintenance.



“Hi Alexi,
I hope this email finds you well. I have so many sailing stories to tell you. We have sailed from Florida to Bahamas to Nova Scotia and back again no ICW.
Conrad and I always talks about our sailing teacher that made this journey possible.”

Francois Scheepers
Student 2019
Great Lakes Sailing School 

We would first like to thank you for being a part of the team this season. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response from our students and renters.

Claire Williams
Assistant Manager
Sailing and Powerboating

Alexei Pachevitch taught me the Basic Keelboat course. His school is Great Lakes Sailing School. I have experience with several sailing teachers and Alexei is the one I recommend.

James Carlisle,
Student 2016
Great Lakes Sailing School

“Very interesting, informative, safe, and fun. Very impressed with this sailing school. Will be signing up for more programs in the near future.”

Kalman Roller,
Student 2017
Great Lakes Sailing School